Human-to-Cat Translator Deluxe App Reviews

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Pas deffet sur mon chat ni mon chien


My cats love this app


We really enjoy playing with our cat with this app! She thinks there are other cats in the house lol. My two youngest kids love playing with it too!! It seems to go quiet once in a while tho, and an ad will randomly pop up on it sometimes.


My cat wigs out. Love it.

Cats love it

Weve been looking after 2 cats for a friend and they both love this app! Its fun watching them run over and get excited from hearing the phone talk to them. The recorded sounds are really well done and the graphics are great. Also, it has never crashed once.

My cat loves it



My cats love this app this a great app for cats

This is brilliant!!!

Instantly got my highly independent cats attention. I anticipate hours of fun. Im glad I can finally purr back at my cat. Im also curious what the angry cat will do to help me with kitty discipline. Maybe shell finally stop licking her privates on my dinner table.


Works well. Gets my cats attention and now I can communicate!

What going on !

Bought it but did not give it to me ?

Works pretty good

My kitty responds to SOME of the commands but he responds well to them. It needs a description to what they mean though. I can recommend this one because it does work. My cat seems to like it.

Thank you so much!!!!!

My cat did not trust me before

Dont buy.

Serious waist of money I regretted every minute of it.

Sound problem

Sound is too low

Is bomb

My cat used to hate me now she loves me!!!

My cats get so curious

As soon as i play the sounds my cats come meowing and try to search the invisible cat that makes the sounds. I have never seen them being this attentive before! :)


Really its human2cat great job


Cool app! My kitty doesnt mined it at all

Mindless fun!

My cats are intrigued. Cant wait to try it on Moms cats.


Our cats immediately were attracted to this due to the realistic sound. Well done! I would like the English translation provided for the various buttons so I have an idea what Im saying!

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